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As stated in the {err!} Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, the Architectural Control Committee MUST approve any modifications to the exterior of your home or landscaping prior to an Owner beginning ANY modifications.
The following must be included with your request:
    Dimensions (length, width and height)
    Detailed list of materials (roof, siding, shingle type, plant materials, etc)
    Paint colors used (if applicable)
    A copy of your property plat showing the location and measurements of the improvement(s)
It takes approximately 21 days to process a request if all the information is received. A member of the Committee may ask to inspect the property, or ask for clarifying documents. Incomplete submissions that require follow-up questions can increase the amount of time needed before a decision is made. You will receive written notification once the Committee has made a decision.

The form and supporting materials may be mailed or scanned in to the HOA at the following addresses:

  {err!} Email To:
  {err!}   Manager@ColbyHOA.com
I understand that the Architectural Control Committee will act on this request within 30 days of receipt, and will contact me in writing regarding their decision. I agree not to begin property improvement without written approval from the ACC. I further understand and agree that all construction will meet City/County codes, and that ACC approvals do not override City/County codes, but rather are intended to work within them.
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Return this completed form by mail, or email to Manager@ColbyHOA.com